Managing Stripes

On the right side of each stripe you’ll find the Stripe Toolbar.

Press the up and down arrows to change the position of the stripe relative to other stripes on the page.

To delete a stripe, simply click the red X icon.

You can duplicate a stripe: just click the copy button (second icon from above).
To Paste it at the location of your choice:

Click on the blue (+) you see when hovering between the different sections.

You’ll see a menu on the left with different types of stripes to choose from.

Click the Stripe Settings icon to see all available customizations. There are different types of menus for different type of stripes.


As a rule, the menu lets you to change the background, edit the layout, add effects, and play with the general appearance of the stripe. It also lets you add new items, such as slides and text sections.

Click the Manage button to easily remove, duplicate and change the order of the items on the stripe.
Simply hover above items to see the available options, then click DONE to save any changes.

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