TronBuilder Editor makes web building easier with the use of a simple hierarchy.
Each website you’ll build has 4 levels:

  • At the very base there are Elements;
  • A number of elements create an Item;
  • Several Items together create a Stripe;
  • And several stripes combined build a Page;
  • The pages of course, is what your Website consists of.

Every level has its own menu and settings.  Take this stripe for example:

The blue settings button on the right opens a menu to edit the features of this stripe.
The sections within the stripe are the items, and if you hover next to them, you’ll see the different editing options.

The grey settings button on the left is the Site Settings icon. It opens the website style menu, which is always available to you. Here you can manage pages, edit the background, define your site’s fonts, select the layout for its menu, and much more.

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