Adding Google Analytics to your website

To add Google Analytics to your website please follow these instructions: 1) Click the SEO button on the top menu while in the editor. 2) Enter your Google Analytics ID is the appropriate field:   That’s it!

Create a page that is not visible in the website menu

To create a page that won’t be found on your website’s main navigation menu, please first go ahead and create a new page on your website. Next, publish the website, and go to your live website to copy the URL of … Read More

Allowing users to download a PDF or other files

At the moment we don’t allow upload of files to our servers, but you can still upload your files to your favorite cloud storage (Dropbox, Google Drive, etc), and link to your files from anywhere on your website.

Deleting websites or old versions of your website

1) To delete a website, first go to ‘my sites’: http://launch.tronbuilder.com/my_sites 2) Mouse-over the website you want to delete will pop a white circle on the top right corner of it: 3) Mouse-over that white circle will open a menu … Read More

Can I edit my website after I publish it?

Yes! With your TronBuilder site, you can easily edit your website whenever you want, even after it’s live. Once your website is published and live, log in to your account, make the changes you want and click PUBLISH. voilà – your … Read More

Connecting an Existing Domain

To connect an existing domain: 1. Hover over PUBLISH (right hand corner of the editor page) 2. Click ‘connect an existing domain’ 3. Enter your domain (only the naked domain – yourdomain.com) 4. Connecting your existing domain also requires changing … Read More

Optimizing your site’s SEO

WebMVMT’s website building tool is SEO friendly and allows you to promote your website easily. To optimize your site’s SEO in search engine results: 1) In the editor, click on SEO at the top bar.   2) An SEO window … Read More

Adding an Icon Stripe

The icon stripe will allow you to add an icon/logo to your site. To add an icon stripe: 1. Click on the “+” sign and choose “icon” A default icon will appear. 2. Left click on the icon and choose … Read More

Adding a Map Stripe

You can display the location of your business or office in your website by using the Map Stripe. To add a Map: 1. Click on the “+” sign and choose “map” A default map will appear. 2.  To change the … Read More

Adding a Featured Stripe

If you have something you’d like to showcase, promote or put a spotlight on on your site, the Featured stripe is a great option for you to use. The Featured stripe contains one or more elements, each one assembled by an … Read More