Getting Started

Retrieving Password

Forgot your password? No problem.   1. Click “Forgot Password” on the Login Page.   2. Insert your email and click Send. Tip: Make sure to insert it as you signed up, case sensitive. 3. A link to reset the password … Read More


You can add HTML, CSS and JavaScript to your pages. To do that, click on the blue (+) you see when hovering between the different sections. You’ll see a menu on the left with different types of stripes to choose from. At … Read More


As a rule, TronBuilder sites enjoy great visibility and an excellent reputation on search engines. You can set up your own SEO options: Hover above Home in the left corner of the Top Toolbar and click SEO, at the bottom left. You will be taken … Read More

Publishing Your Site

Publishing your site is a simple process. Hover over the right corner of the Top Toolbar: Next, choose one of the options: would you like a temp url for your site? Do you have an existing domain you wish to connect? … Read More


You can easily add links to elements on your page, such as text and images. To do that, first click on the element of your choice to open its menu.     [If there’s already an embeded link, such as … Read More


To add a video: Click on the small plus (+) button which appears when you hover over the items in your stripe. A selection of elements for you to add will show up: choose the one with the video icon. A default … Read More

Editing the style of specific words in the text

1) Click the text your want to edit, then click ‘Edit Body’ (or title/subtitle for that matter). 2) At first you’re going to see only these options: 3) Highlight the words you want to edit, and then a whole new … Read More

Text – Title, Subtitle, Body

There are 3 kinds of text elements on your page: Title, Subtitle and Body. To edit, just click on one of them and a mini-menu will open:        Click the Edit button to change the text along with its font, color and … Read More


Picture Element: To add a picture element, click on the item where you’d like it to be. Then select Add Image. To replace a picture element, click on it and select Replace Image from the menu. Next, choose a picture from your library or from our media … Read More

Adding and Removing Elements

To add a new element, click the grey (+) button  which shows up as you hover next to the different items. This opens a menu with elements for you to choose from. The selection depends on the type of item you’re adding … Read More