The Next Generation Business Card

Get rid of your old, traditional, paper-backed business cards and replace them with the ONLY card you NEED!

Instant Transfer

Instantly transfer your contact details to compatible smartphones.

Just Scan Card

No Special Apps Required on Compatible Smartphones.

All in One

All your contact details in one place.


Real Time

Keeps your friends & associates updated with your most current information.

Secure Encryption

Only authorized parties can access your data and those who are not authorized cannot.

Download to Phone

Instantly transfer your contact details. Phone number, etc.

The Smartest Business Cards in the World.

Our Smart Cards will not only replace the need to constantly order more business cards, but it is sure to give your prospects and colleagues a lasting first impression.. every time!

See a Live Demo of Your Profile

Join the web movement, order your smart business card.

New NFC Technology

Embedded with Near Field Communication (NFC) Technology the Smart Card will trigger a link to your personalized profile. When tapped against a smartphone or device you can quickly tap “Add to Contacts" and instantly be added to the phones contacts.

Leave a Lasting Impression

Don’t wait! Get your Smart Card now and begin to create meaningful and unique networking experience with everyone you meet. And the best part is… You only need one!

Standard Smart Card Options

Your contact & networking details can only be programmed onto the model option selected.

Our standard card options come with pre-made print designs that cannot be personalized or customized for print.

Smart Card White


Smart Card Black


Smart Card Splatter


Customize Your Own Card?

If you are interested in a card model that can be customized for print, we've partnered with AZ Custom printing, visit their website to create and upload your own designs!

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