Picture Element:

To add a picture element, click on the item where you’d like it to be. Then select Add Image.
To replace a picture element, click on it and select Replace Image from the menu.

Next, choose a picture from your library or from our media center.
Deleting it is as easy as clicking the red X icon.

The same menu lets you edit the appearance of your image: add filters and color overlays, choose its opacity, or crop it.

Background Image:

To add or replace a background image on a stripe, click the blue Settings button on the Stripe Toolbar.

In the menu, click the Background tab.

Here you’ll be able to choose an image from your hard drive, or add one from the media center.


You can change the layout of a stripe by opening the Stripe Settings menu and clicking the Layout tab.

Play with the different options and see which one looks best on your page.

Website Background

To add an image to the background of the entire website, go to the website style menu, on the left.

At the bottom, you’ll see the Page Background options.
Here you can upload an image from your computer or select one from our media center.

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